The Design & Print Process



Here you will find details of the Funeral Order Of Service design and print process, you will also find what is required from you to complete the design and what is provided by me. Please note in normal circumstances 72 hours is required to produce a Funeral Order Of Service providing all the information and photographs are supplied.


Stage 1

Involves the family making contact with their chosen funeral directors where the funeral date, time and location are arranged. Following the funeral directors booking, details of the wake also known as the gathering after the funeral for refreshments and to celebrate the life of the loved one is arranged.


Stage 2

The funeral arrangements process is when the family meet the Vicar, Father or Celebrant to discuss the actual order of the funeral and the particulars of the service which may include hymns, prayers, music, and tributes. At this point a decision is made on the actual order of the funeral service. The person orchestrating the funeral service will later make contact with the family and provide a draft version of the proposed order of service, where any amendments are to be made.


Stage 3

Is one of the most important parts of the Funeral Order Of Service Design. This is where the family needs to make contact with myself and provide the order of the service which will appear on the inside pages. If the actual order of service draft has not been sent to me I will need to know exactly which version of hymns and prayers are to be used, as there are many different versions available. At this stage a full quotation will be provided, no upfront payment or deposit is required.


Stage 4

Involves extra details for the Funeral Order Of Service, i.e. if you are planning on having a photograph of your loved one on the Order Of Service. The best and easiest process is to either upload them via the online order form or to email them to me, alternatively you can deliver them in person, please note I am unable to visit your address to collect any photographs. Another option is to use your mobile phones camera to take a picture of the photographs and text them to me, please be aware of image quality with this scenario.

I will then make a draft design where you can make changes to your requirements. There are no limitations to the amount of changes that can be made, an agreed design will only be finalised on your complete satisfaction.


Stage 5

Is the artwork finalisation and printing process. Once the design is complete and agreed, payment in full is required before any printing is processed. All artwork from the draft version will be rendered in high quality, printed to the desired quantity, press folded and stapled in position. On completion, I will contact you to make collection or delivery arrangements of the Funeral Order Of Service. Please note I am only available to make personal deliveries to the family or funeral directors if within a 5-mile radius of Quinton Birmingham due to other funeral commitments.


Please note: although we may talk and make arrangements in person or via the telephone, I advise you complete the online form where you can confirm the correct spellings of names, dates and times etc as it is very easy to spell a name incorrectly. Once this is printed additional costs apply for amendments or re-print requests due to corrections.



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